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The famous UNESCO Heritage site Ha Long Bay is known Worldwide for its infinite beauty, geology and history. Located in the North East of Vietnam in the Gulf of Tonkin, 165km east of Vietnams Capital City Hanoi, it boasts over 1900 small islets and in total the bay covers an area of around 1500km2.

These Limestone islands formed over millions of years, meaning the rise and fall of sea levels have created some fascinating features such as caves and grottoes. As many of the islets rise at such an incline they remain unaffected from human activity, therefore providing countless awe-inspiring views wherever you go in the bay.


Key Facts                                               Featured in:

Over 1900 Islands                                         UNESCO World Heritage List        
                                                                 Travel Unearthed MUST SEE 
1500km2                                                     New 7 Wonders of Nature            
UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1994

This unique island formation is made from Limestone and Schist, eroded over millions of years
Ha Long Bay means ‘Bay of the descending dragons’ and local mythology states the islands were formed from Jewels dropped from the mouth of dragons sent to protect Vietnam
Less than half of the islands have been named, but most of the names are based on the islands shape – for example Voi Islet (Elephant) Ga Choi Islet (Fighting Cock) and Mai Nha islet (Roof)
Some islands have their own lakes, beaches, caves, grottoes or resorts, while many are uninhabitable due to the height and steep edges
The bay also contains offshore coral reefs, swamp and mangrove forests
Floating Villages are found throughout the bay, many of these live by relying on fishing for some of the 100 different species of fish found nearby, as well as squid, oysters, cuttlefish and octopi
Some of the island are home to wildlife including deer, monkeys, squirrels and mink

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