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Anchorage Areas

For those who have selected an overnight cruise, your cruise will anchor in pre-set sheltered areas selected for their tranquil waters. Here your cruise ship will drop anchor sometime in the evening and you may enjoy the conclusion of the day’s activities in appreciation of the serene night scenery. All anchorage areas have been sanctioned by the Halong Bay Port Authority.

Cruise Activities

Engage in the incomparable experience of kayaking in Halong bay, a perfect way to immerse yourself in the tranquil atmosphere and quiescent ambience emanating from the thousand year old limestone karsts. Use your neat and sleek vessel to explore the uninhabited and remote, to wind through ocean paths leaking steadily between kissing cliffs and adjacent islets. Paddle through local fishing villages and past pristine beaches. Probe the mysteries of remote caverns and half-submerged grottoes, discover hidden lagoons accessible only at low tide, and sit back in your kayak to witness a glorious sunset with the wind in your hair and the sea breeze in your lungs. 


Particularly in the hotter months, a refreshing dip in the cool ocean waters is a great way to immerse yourself in the bay- literally! Enjoy a swim in the deep emerald waters around your cruise vessel or let the waves lap around your ankles at a visit to one of Halong bay’s idyllic beaches. In certain areas of the bay thrill-seekers can try the 6-7 metre jump from the sundeck to the ocean. 


A cycle along the winding paths of one of Halong Bay’s islands is the perfect way to reinvigorate yourself and to soak up the forest scenery at your own leisurely pace. You’ll make your way to the heart of the forest where you’ll discover a rustic village to explore and forest trails to wander along. 

Tai Chi

Early in the morning, dawn’s fragile curtain is drawn over the sky, and sunshine seeps golden over the limestone karsts. The air is crisp and cool against the skin, a perfect silence settles over the waters of the bay. To align your spirit and mind with the peace inherent in this most sacred time of the day, take part in a Tai Chi class if offered by your cruise. Your teacher will guide you through a series of non-strenuous movements designed to imitate the flow of nature. Tai Chi will get your blood flowing and clear your mind of the last groggy vestiges of sleep, like clearing dust from a mirror. This ancient art is practiced by Vietnamese all over the country, and is the best way to refit yourself into the rhythms of the day. 


There are numerous opportunities for hiking in cruises on Halong bay. Whether its small hikes to caverns filled with stalactites and stalagmites, longer hikes up a limestone karst to a gorgeous viewpoint of the bay, or treks through the tangled forest of Cat Ba National Park, hiking in the unique landscape of the bay is a physically and spiritually rewarding experience. 

Cooking Demonstration

From the sweet and spicy dishes favoured in the south, to the seasonal dishes featuring only the freshest of ingredients of the North, an undeniable icon of Vietnam is its food, beloved by both locals and visitors alike. What better souvenir to take home to your family than a newfound prowess in preparing some of Vietnam’s most popular dishes, such as nem, (fried spring rolls or rice paper spring rolls), Pho (Noodle Soup), Bun (Rice vermicelli) and salad roll. 

Passport Requirement

You are required to bring with you your original passport containing valid Vietnam visa for registration on your cruise. This is government regulation and failure to comply will result in your being denied entry to your cruise. 

While arranging your booking you should check that your passport expiry date does not occur during your planned travels. Additionally, your Vietnam visa should not expire before your departure date from the country or you risk complications and heavy fines at the airport. 

Pre-Cruise Registration

To ensure everything runs smoothly with your cruise, you must register all your information with bestcruiseshalong.com at least 24 hours prior to tour departure. Necessary information includes passport number, expiry and visa details, duration of travel, address of your hotel in Hanoi, and personal information such as date of birth and emergency contact numbers. 

Please note that if you have any specific dietary requirements that you must also submit these with more than 24 hours notice. Specific dietary requirements may include but are not limited to: food allergies, vegetarianism, lactose intolerance and/or inability to consume products containing gluten or wheat extracts. 

Safety Instructions

Due to the tranquil waters and sheltered conditions of the bay, there is very small likelihood of emergency but nevertheless your cruise will be prepared for every conceivable circumstance. All cruises obey safety regulations instituted and enforced by the Halong Bay Port Authority. You will be briefed in the cruise’s specific emergency procedures shortly after boarding. In accordance with Port Authority regulation, your cruise will be fully equipped with life jackets, life buoys, life raft/life boat, fire alarms and extinguishers, and small glass-breaking hammers if emergency exit is required. 

For personal safety while touring the bay, you should make sure to obey the instructions and warnings of cruise staff at all times. Bestcruiseshalong.com does not provide compensation for foolish or reckless behavior. Swim only in allocated swimming areas and within sight of the boat. While the water is calm it is also very deep, and weak swimmers would better enjoy the shallow waters at one of Halong Bay’s picturesque beaches. Never combine the consumption of alcohol with swimming.

For travelers with prescription medication, for example, those suffering from seasickness or diabetes, you should make sure to bring adequate amounts to cover the duration of your cruise as there is no onboard pharmacy. There is however an onboard first aid kit and staff trained in the administration of first aid. 

What To Bring

Once you have decided on your cruise and booked through our secure online payment system, it’s time to prepare for your journey through the World Heritage listed bay. 

If you are travelling to Vietnam in the hotter months, from May to late August, you should make sure to bring appropriate skin protection from the fierce summer sun. This means a pair of sunglasses with UV protection, a broad-rimmed hat and sunscreen or zinc of at least SPV 30+. Clothing should be light and made of a breathable material. Despite the heat during the day, a cool breeze is common in the evening so it might be advisable to bring a shawl of some description. A cool dip in the clear ocean is definitely a highlight of these months so make sure to bring swimwear. A pair of boardshorts is also useful for any kayaking activities.

In the winter months, from late November to January, you get to see a whole different side of the bay, with ribbons of delicate mist twining the limestone karsts. Bring suitable clothing, including warm jacket, scarf, thermals, and long trousers. 

All year round visitors to the bay should make sure to bring clothes and shoes that are comfortable and appropriate for walking, hiking, cycling, kayaking and any other activities specifically mentioned in the cruise itinerary. A pair of both open (sandals) and closed (sneakers) shoes should also be on your packing checklist. A camera to capture the stunning scenery is indispensable. 

Additionally, make sure to bring your original passport (see passport requirements), good quality insect repellent and any prescription medication you require. 







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