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Jasmine Cruise  

No.68 Street Nr. 10 - Nam Long Residence Tan Thuan Dong Ward, District 7, Ho Chi Minh City

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2 days 1 night
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3 days 2 nights
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A boat-sized optical illusion, the Halong Jasmine is Halong Bay’s largest cruise junk, while simultaneously presenting a welcoming, intimate atmosphere.  55 meters from bow to stern and 11 meters from star to port, the Halong Jasmine makes for an awe-inspiring sight as it sails across the silken green expanse of Halongs famed waters. Every inch of its considerable space is united under a rich, nostalgic design reminiscent of 1930s Indochina. Air-conditioned bedrooms, elegant restaurant, bars, lounging and recreation areas, sundeck entirely open to the skies, the Halong Jasmine has been built with every imagined feature and facility to succor your ultimate comfort and perfect enjoyment. The artful marriage of space and the most exquisite ornamentation is testimony to the craftsmanship in the Jasmine’s creation. Even the smallest details contribute to the bigger picture, one of ribbed sails and floating mountains, a white bellied boat gliding gracefully over the surface of an ocean the colour of a mermaid’s eyes.  

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