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Titop Island

The spectacular Titop Island is one of the more famous islands in Ha Long Bay. It is a beautiful stop to make on your cruise and offers a unique feature in that you can climb stairs to the top of the island and get a picturesque 360’ view. It also features a fantastic crescent shaped beach, known for its white sand and small waves, making it ideal to lie and sunbathe followed by cooling down with a calming dip in the water.
There is also a café on the island which doesn’t just provide you with food and drinks, but can also provide swimming costumes, floats and showers.

Sun Sot Cave

One of the most popular caves in the bay, Sun Sot Cave (also known as surprise cave) is a large 12,000m2 cavern located in Bo Hon Island in the heart of Ha Long’s Heritage zone. It was found by the French who named it Grotte des surprises (Cave of the Surprise) in 1901.
The main features of Sun Sot are that it has 3 compartments, gradually increasing in size as you walk through, as well as the high ceiling and thousands of stalactites you will pass on the 500m walkway. With the entrance being 25m above sea level, the walk up to it can be demanding but very rewarding as soon as you enter.

Cat Ba Island
Cat Ba is far and away the largest island in the bay, and around half of its huge area is covered by Cat Ba National Park. It has a surface area of over 250km2 and is home to around 13,000 inhabitants, with 4,000 more living on floating villages just offshore. Most of the population live in Cat Ba Town, located on the southern tip of the island, which has become a major tourist hub over the past decade.

Ba Ham Lake
Found on the south side of Ha Long Bay, Ba Ham Lake on Dau Be Island (Calf Head Island) is composed of three main pits which are connected by a narrow meandering tunnel. The height of the tunnels ceiling is 5m and therefore the only way to discover the lake is by local sampan or kayak. This long dark entrance can be eerily quiet, with the silence only broken by the whish of the oars as you slowly make your way through.
The Lakes inside are enclosed by the magnificent vertical Limestone islets. Keep your eye out for many different animals including golden monkeys, flying squirrels, bats and silver headed parrots.

Bai Tu Long Bay

Situated east of Ha Long Bay sits the equally stunning Bai Tu Long Bay. There are many well-known tourism islands here including Quan Lan island, Minh Chau island and Ngoc Vung island. In 2001, Bai Tu Long national park was established in order to maintain the rich biodiversity in this region. This helps to preserve over 700 species of flora, and over 900 species of aquatic animals found in the bay.
Bai Tu Long is home to around 30,000 people whose livelihoods depend mainly on farming and fishing.
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